Wind Turbine Brake Pads Distributor & Supplier USA​

Brake pads for Wind Turbines are essential for their safety and operational efficiency. As a leading distributor and supplier in California, USA, we specialize in providing high-performance sintered brake pads designed to meet the unique challenges of wind turbine applications.

High-Performance Sintered Brake Pads

Our range includes high-performance sintered brake pads, known for their durability, heat resistance, and consistent performance—crucial qualities for the demanding environment of wind turbines.

Specific Products for Wind Turbines

We offer a variety of specific brake pad models, such as
BBW-SE010A, BBW-BR021A, BBW-BR020A, and BBW-YW010A, each designed for specific turbine models and braking requirements.

Compatibility with Major Wind Turbine Brands

We supply brake pads compatible with major wind turbine brands, ensuring versatility and reliability.
  • SvendborgVestas & Gamesa: Our pads are compatible with these leading turbine manufacturers.
  • Brembo Series & GE-Bubenzer: We also cater to turbines equipped with Brembo and GE-Bubenzer braking systems. 
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