Wind Turbine Lubrication Systems Distributor and Supplier USA

Bijur Delimon’s lubrication solutions for wind turbines, including PVBM Divider Valves, CXL2 Injectors, Gear Pinions, Multiport II Lubricator Pumps, and Suction Elements SLE, are integral to the efficient and long-lasting operation of wind turbines. Exim Wind, as a supplier and distributor in the USA, plays a key role in providing these high-quality lubrication solutions to the wind energy sector. These products are essential for ensuring the smooth functioning and durability of wind turbines, which are a significant source of renewable energy.

PVBM Divider Valve

  • This valve is an essential component for distributing lubricants in a wind turbine. It ensures that each part of the turbine receives the exact amount of lubricant it needs for smooth operation. The PVBM Divider Valve is particularly useful in the complex gear systems of wind turbines, where precise lubrication is crucial.

CXL2 Injectors

  • These injectors are designed to deliver a controlled amount of lubricant to specific parts of the wind turbine. They are used to lubricate bearings and gears, which are critical for the turbine’s operation. CXL2 Injectors are known for their reliability and efficiency in harsh wind turbine environments.

Multiport II Lubricator Pump

  • This pump is used to supply lubricant to various parts of the wind turbine from a single point. The Multiport II Lubricator Pump is capable of handling high-pressure lubrication needs, making it ideal for the demanding environment of wind turbines.

Gear Pinion

  • The Gear Pinion is a vital component in the gearbox of a wind turbine. It helps in the transmission of motion and power from the turbine blades to the generator.

Suction Element SLE

  • The Suction Element SLE is used to filter lubricants. It ensures that the lubricants used in the wind turbine are free from contaminants, which could otherwise cause damage to the machinery. This component is crucial for maintaining the purity and effectiveness of the lubrication system.