Bellows & Covers

Bellows and Covers Wind Parts refer to various components used in wind turbines to protect critical parts from environmental elements, maintain operational efficiency, and ensure the turbine’s longevity. These components include the Nacelle Cover, Front Cover, Main Bearing, Exhaust Hose, and Hub Cover. Each plays a vital role in the overall functioning and maintenance of wind turbines.

Nacelle Cover​

The nacelle is the housing on top of the wind turbine tower that contains all the generating components. The Nacelle Cover acts as a protective shell, shielding the internal components from the elements, such as rain, snow, and dust. This cover is crucial for preventing damage to sensitive equipment inside the nacelle, such as the gearbox, generator, and electrical systems.

Front Cover

This part is often positioned at the front of the nacelle, covering the opening where the rotor shaft enters the nacelle. The Front Cover protects the main bearing and other components from environmental factors and reduces moisture ingress, which can cause corrosion and mechanical wear.

Exhaust Hose

This component is used for ventilation and cooling within the nacelle. The exhaust hose helps remove excess heat from the nacelle, preventing components from overheating. It may also be used to vent fumes or gases safely from the internal workings of the turbine.​

Hub Cover

The Hub Cover encases the rotor hub, the central part to which the blades are attached. This cover protects the hub and blade attachment points from the elements, particularly from moisture and ice, which can cause imbalance and stress on the rotor.​